Since the very initial start (early nineties) of the first Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage projects (ATES) in both the Netherlands and Belgium, Melotte already supplied the required submersible pumps. ATES projects help to decrease the CO2 discharge and make us less dependent of oil and gas suppliers. Since 2001 on such ATES projects the submersible pumps are often completed with the MPT injection valves which are also designed and “in house” produced by Melotte in Maastricht. An ATES system generally consists out of a combination of 2 wells with in each well a Melotte submersible pump unit, preferably completed with MPT injection valves to maintain the pressure in the whole piping system in a reliable way. During the one season (for instance in the winter), the water is distracted from the “hot” well and pumped through the above ground fittings including an heat exchanger; after that the water cooled down in the heat exchanger from the building side circuit is injected again in the other “cold” well and stored there. The heat released during this process usually is upgraded via an additional heat pump and used to heat the relevant building. During the summer season this colder water is pumped from the “cold” well and guided through the same system back to the “warm” well, during which the water is heated from the secondary system in the heat exchanger. This is then used to provide the building with the required cooling. More and more the Melotte submersible pump units completed with MPT injection valves are exported to other countries and continents.

Melotte is the supplier of submersible pump units for water companies in their market areas. This most certainly results from the high efficiencies of the Melotte (SUMO) submersible pumps combined with their unequalled reliability. Due to the high amount of operating hours with water companies, the application of Melotte submersible pump units realizes the lowest exploitation costs. Melotte Pumptechnology is one of the very few pump manufacturers in the world which produces the submersible pump units exactly to the duty point requested by their customer. Optimized energy is a direct consequence of this.

Melotte already supplies Melotte submersible pumps on behalf of fire fighting and/or sprinkler projects. The reliability of the Melotte products undoubtfully is the main reason for this success. The use of Melotte submersible pumps in these projects provides the use of durable gained drinking water. Such installations have furthermore the advantage that these for the larger part can be realized below ground level and take up limited space.

Many industrial manufacturers using ground water, rely on Melotte submersible pump units. Whether this concerns process or cooling water, also they are convinced of the energetic advantages of Melotte well pumps in combination with their reliability. Solution-aimed thinking of the Melotte employees has helped many companies in realizing their company processes for the application of ground water. On many occasions the Melotte pump units are successfully applied horizontally in booster shroud for instance in cooling circuits.

Big multinationals in the oil industry since many decades use Melotte submersible pump units. Whether it concerns on or offshore projects, Melotte SUMO pumps have proven to belong to the top notch products also in these circumstances. If one choses reliable, easy-to-use and simply to maintain submersible well pumps, there is no other choice then Melotte Pumptechnology B.V.

Melotte already delivers many decades Melotte borehole pumps for irrigation projects. The reliability of the Melotte products undoubtfully is the main reason for this success. By sprinkling with Melotte submersible pumps an optimal condition of for example sports fields, golf courses, tennis courts and gardens is obtained.

With Melotte borehole pumps many scenic projects and buildings are realized as well as many tunnel has been constructed etc. Through the putting into service of Melotte pumps the groundwater level is (temporarily) lowered to enable the work.

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