Melotte Pumptechnology BV

Melotte Pumptechnology supplies and manufactures already more than 80 years highly innovative products for the extraction of amongst others drinking water, process water as well as the last decades for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) projects.

In our factory at Maastricht Netherlands we design, produce and test all our products. Melotte is active in several continents and countries.

Melotte uses the last technologies and advanced designs. Melotte Pumptechnology offers you optimum energetic solutions where always minimum operating costs result for you.

Nowadays our focus lays in reduction of the CO2 emission by the use of Melotte submersible borehole pumps and Melotte MPT-injection valves in ATES projects for cooling and heating of buildings etc.
The fact that Melotte SUMO submersible borehole pumps do have relative high efficiencies in combination with an unprecedented reliability, this is undoubtedly partly debit.

Melotte Pumptechnology


Melotte source pumps are used in many installations / projects. Click here for examples of it.

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