Research & Development
Research & Development

For the control of the MPT injection valves in the well, Melotte has developed several MPT pilot systems. For each application we have a suitable solution. These systems can be easily set and adjusted to the local circumstances. There are several executions for different voltages as well as for direct current (DC) or alternate current (AC).

The MPT fast couplers find more and more customers in our market areas. They all have discovered the advantages of this system. Not only do they simplify the mounting and dismounting but by the application of these also a lot of mounting space can be saved. The MPT fast couplers consist out of 2 instead of 1 “O”-ring seal and are also provided with a system to prevent rotation in the coupler.

Since 2001 Melotte manufactures completely self-designed MPT injection valves and these injection valves momentarily are successfully incorporated in many Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) projects for the in these systems required pressure maintenance. Together with the Melotte submersible pump units, these injection valves form a robust and reliable entity. The control of these MPT injection valves takes place by means of separately supplied MPT pilot systems.

The Melotte submersible motors incorporate robust rotors which guarantee minimum deflection also during the starting of the motor. The motor bearings belong to the heaviest dimensioned bearings obtainable in the submersible pump market. Melotte motors have easy replaceable motor leads with proven plug connection(s). The mass to the stator- and rotor laminations as well as the quantity of copper in the stator windings is considerably higher than those of many competitors. All this with the aim to manufacture a superior efficient motor.

Melotte in house manufactures Melotte submersible pump units (for some perhaps better known as SUMO Melotte submersible pump units) ranging from 4” up to 12”, which piece by piece are very well known for their high pump efficiencies. These submersible pumps are built stage by stage and are very easy to maintain. Each pump bowl contains a robust exchangeable pump bearing. Melotte submersible pumps normally are provided with integrated non return valves provided with a valve lining. Flanged or BSP threaded connection can be chosen, for connection to the rising main, in consultation with Melotte if required.